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Spectacular Media Releases Web Version of DoodleTM Online Message Editor for LED Signs Powered by SM InfinityTM
Shortly after the release of their DoodleTM online message editor for iPad users, Spectacular Media  announced today that the new editor is also available to people who use SM InfinityTM to control advertising on their LED signs via the Internet.



Spectacular Media Releases an Industry First iPad Message Editor for LED Signs Called DoodleTM
Users of the popular SM InfinityTM  cloud based LED sign management service are getting a new feature today. According to Spectacular Media LLC, users can now create media online with a simple and powerful new feature called DoodleTM.



Spectacular Media and LED Sign Manufacturer Vantage:  LED announce Exciting New Features to SM InfinityTM, a Universal  Cloudware for LED Signs
SM Infinity
TM is a universal cloudware that can control virtually any LED sign through the cloud from multiple platforms (PC or Mac) and provides professional content creation  services for busy business owners. Now, thereā€™s a whole lot more to this tasty enchilada.



SM InfinityTM Lightens the Load for Galarraga Industries with Marketing Management and Content Creation for their LED Sign
Texas based company Galarraga  Industries uses the power of SM Infinity
TM to manage multiple businesses  advertising under one roof.



SM InfinityTM Providing a Hassle-Free Cloud Based  Solution to Manage Multiple LED Displays and Advertisements for Busy  Property Managers
London Station, a multi-tenant  property in London, KY, is using the new internet based service SM  Infinity
TM to effectively schedule and manage multiple ads for multiple  businesses on the property.



Local Restaurant Abandoned by LED Sign Provider, Turns to Cloud-Based Software SM InfinityTM for a Turnkey Digital Advertising  Solution
SM InfinityTM Cloudware is providing the owners of Kabob Hutt some well deserved relief after their LED Sign Provider went out of business, leaving them with an LED Sign and no  support.



LED Digital Billboard Company Using SM InfinityTM Digital Advertising Cloudware
Exterior Media in Puerto Rico upgraded their LED digital billboards to the SM InfinityTM platform allowing for
instant content creation control and automated diagnostics all through the cloud.



Spectacular Media, In collaboration with LED Display Manufacturer Vantage LED, presents a new Universal Digital Advertising  Platform: SM InfinityTM
SM InfinityTM is revolutionary cloudware to control and create digital advertising from any remote Internet
connected platform (PC or MAC) to any digital display regardless of the display manufacturer.





He said. She said. And we say...

...things you may have heard regarding the operation of your digital sign...




“I don’t have time to create content for our sign.”
   No worries, we’re open 24 hours a day. We don’t sleep.
   Creating content can take hours, but it only takes seconds to submit a graphic request. Heck, send it while watching reruns.



“The secretary can handle the advertising on our sign.”
Would you hire the secretary to handle your root canal, too? Let them focus on handling your business.  
Hire the content creation professionals at SM to make sure your sign looks dynamite. It’s what we do, and we love it.









“Our sign runs the same content everyday. We’re fine.”
  Yes, but our guess is no one is looking at your sign anymore. They have it memorized.
   Let’s maximize your signs potential! SM Infinity is extremely little as $3 a day for incredible content!



“We can’t install the software on our Mac.”
Great news! There is no software to load. It resides “in the cloud”.  
It’s accessible from any internet-connected PC, Mac, or iPad, so you won’t have to worry about installation or updates.









“ARRRRG, this software is too hard to use!”
   Relax and witness the power of submitting graphic requests in under a minute. Bam. Done.
   All you do is fill out a form and then sit back while powerful, dynamic professional content is delivered straight to you.



“I’m just not creative.”
Totally fine. Let us rack our brains coming up with creative content tailored for your business.  
Submit your text and we will turn it into super awesome content. Your sign will be so happy...and effective.







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